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" "yeah" "oh whats wrong

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But Dani's confinement to a wheelchair made it impossible to try on dresses inside dress shops, said Goodnight. i said "so im geussing we have to destory melex and destory avril and nick frist" "yep im geussing that to" "ok go back to bed im gonna be getting us up early" "ok" she walked back to her spot and i walked back to my spot to i woke up at 6:00 and i went to go get dressed and i came out and called "guys come on we gotta get up we have stuff to do today!" cassie and chole were the frist to get up i said "come on guys go pack up , guys wake up!" misty rolled over and said "why" "becuse if you dont im gonna throw water on you!" and i went and took a big cup of water and i poured it on zara,ashli,and misty they all bolted up and i said "told ya to get up" and i went and poured it on every one else i said "ok guys pack up we have a mission to do we have to destory melex and avril and nick who is he i have no idea but we have to" "uhh why?" "becuse me and cassie figured out the plan that there gonna do to the world there gonna destory everything and they are gonna leave two people to start a new planet the girl is avril the boy is nick who ever that is" "ok so what the heck is melex?!" "its the leader of the school and the people who made up the plan and also i think there really screwed up ok so lets get going we have a long way to go melex is in mexico" they all got up changed there clothes since they were soaked in water and we got going i said "ok me and kasha will fly on our own so we can give elizabeth a break and elizabeth will carry every one else and i think i can hold lady while i fly" "ok" and tristain asked "did you come up with this over night or something?" "yeah pretty much" they all got onto elizabeth and she took of with every thing except me,kasha,and lady we all took off right behind her about an hour later lady said "im scared that your gonna drop me put me on the dragon" i dropped her off on elizabeth and i flew around to make sure nothing was comeing ok hey its chole im gonna be telling the story now in till alice tells me to stop but i want you guys to see my point of view!so when we all got tired we were half way to mexico but i pronoce it like me he co i dont know why i just like saying it and alice got mad and told me to stop so now i have to say mexico we stoped at a hotel and rested up alice said to me "ok chole do you get any thing from the girl behnd the desk?" "yeah her names kyrastal and shes not a threat well at least i think so" "ok lets go in" "ok" i got up and walked with her to the front desk she said "stay by the door ill be back in a min" "ok" i stayed by the door she came out and she had all the room keys and stuff she said "ok lets go" "ok" we climbed up the stairs and went to our room and alice said "ok guys same way we slept yesterday" we took extra blankets and layed them out on the floor alice went to get food me and tristain were talking he said "how did you make those clothes yesterday?" "just a skill of mine" "cool alice looked way better then she usally does in the dress you made her" then she walked up behind him and smacked him in the head he pratically jump 2 feet in the air i nusted out laughing i sent a mental message to tristain i said "whatch what ya say and when you say it haha" "i know i didnt think she was back thought and she did look better" "i know" then alice said "yeah tristain might wanna watch what you say an you to chole i heard the mental conversation" "opps i think i need to get better at that" "yeah" ok guys alice is gonna take over from here i might take over some where in the story again but thats my point of view bye bye guys!!ok there you have it choles point of view now im back she wrote eought but ill let her write more thought out the storyok so after we ate we all went to bed i stayed up and played on the coputer trying to find out where melex is exactly located its in mexico (or how chole says it me he co) i know that and i found a picture of nick he wasnt as cute as tristain he had black hair and he looked like a wolf to begin with and avril was who i thought it was i found the picture of her to she got her hair re done thought i must say it is cute its blnde but under it is black and she has a bunch of pink streaks going though it i got off the coputer and listened to my ipod i put on avril lavigne skater boy i like the song and ima huge fan of avril not the one that keeps attack us thought and i just thought avril might have changed her name to be avril lavigne becuse her hair looked like hers huh? thats werid oh well i went to bed and like yesterday i woke up at 6:00 when i said get up every one got up this time we all packed up they were pretty good with the plan now we flew to me he co that kinda stuck to me since chole keeps saying it i told her to stop but she didnt when we got to mexico we took a break for the day we needed to rest up so we could figh tomorrow then i rained on every one parade by saying "ok guys we're gonna take a break for now but tomorrow me,misty,cheap burberry outlet online,joe,and cassie are gonna go the rest of you have to stay here just in case we need to have some one break us out" then chole said "ugh no fair!" "i know but i cant take the chance on you all getting hurt so im gonna take the strongest people" "ok" then tristain said "im comeing you cant stop me!" "oh yeah" i lunged for him and he did a face dive into the ground and i pin his arms behind his back i said "i think i can stop you" "ok fine" i let him up and walked to the door i said "ill be back" and went outside put my ipod on and jumped off the leadge and took off i went to where melex was and i looked above it when i went diretly above it i took off as soon as i could there was a guy sitting on the edge of the building and he had a huge army looking gun he pointed it at me if he shot me ill kill him before he died he didnt do anything i took off before he could when i got tp the room ristain said "where did ya go?" "melex we have to be careful theres a guy that montors the building he seen me and tryed to shoot me" "ok well im not going so i dont have to be careful" "yes ya do becuse if we go there then there gonna come here get it?" "oh ok now i do" "good and im gonna leave you and my mom in charge if something happenes to my mom even if she dies or any thing i still want her to be here so take care of her" "ok i will" "ok good now if anything happens text me on my phone and ill meet you some where" "ok" "ok" then i said "any one wanna come with me im gonna go get a car from a lot thats just a mile away?!" kasha said "oh i wanna" "ok come on" we took off and flew a mile away when we got to the lot we dropped down no one was out there is was closed so i could make a good ecaspe with it kasha turned off all the camras and picked the lock so we could go in to get keys we picked out this black covertable with a white top we put the top down and blared the radio geuss what was on? carrie underwood-before he cheats turns out kasha loves the song to we sat in the car singing it and when we got to the hotel chole heard it and came out she gasped i waved and smiled zara came out and i heard her say "omg thats a cool car" chole ran down the stairs to come meet us she said "omg how did you get that?" "oh we just disabled the camra and picked the lock to the door" "oh cool" "ok lets go to the room" we walked up the stairs and tristian said "god how did ya get that?!" "disabled the camras and picked the locks on the door" my mom was in the room she was awake for once i think shes getting sick she cant move that well becuse of her leg but she was up i went and hugged her i said "we're gonna leave tomorrow im gonna leave you here with tristain,zara,and chole and lady" "ok" i got up and went to go see where lady was i walked to her spot where she was asleep aginst the wall all or a sudden the wall exploded i grabed lady and yelled "guys get out!" they all seen it and ran to come help me but i told them "get back here chole take lady and go elizabeth go take off!" i stayed where i was and waited for some thing to come nothing i looked behind me and tristain was there i said "i told you go with them!" "no im staying here" "you'll get hurt" "i dont care" "you should just back up!" he steped closer to the door and we backed up farther in till we got out the door i said "why did that happen and no one came?" "they might be expecting us to be dead or something" "yeah maybe ok im gonna call the others" i called chole and she said "alice are you ok?" "yeah no one came it was just an explosion" "ok we;re comeing back to pick ya'll up and we could leave ok?" "ok lets go to new york i dont know why but i just wanna go there we'll go to melex later ok?" "ok bye" "bye" i turned to tristain and said "there comeing back we're gonna go to new york" "ok" "thanks" "for what?" "staying with me" "oh your welcome" i hugged him he hugged me back just when elizabeth came up and said "come on guys we need to go if we're going to new york" "ok" i got onto the leadge and jumped off i almost hit the ground but i put out my wings and they caught the air i shot up doing spins it was fun so much fun to do that then i came down and said "chole wanna ride?" "sure" she hopped onto my back and i took off and went by elizabeth i said "ok lets go" "ok" she took off and we all flew are the ones who could whixh was only me and kasha i let zara and chole have a ride they are light so its no problem i took one at a time and they rode on my back for about 1 hour but i had to take a break i felt like i was gonna fall out the sky wow that sounds werid oh well i guess i am now but i sat down next too trastian then a heard a voice cassies pop into my head "you make such a cute copule" "remeber what happen last time you said that?" "yeah" "well now its gonna be 10x worst" "damn" "yeah damns right so keep the thoughts to your self" then i heard choles voice pop into my head "you guys do make a cute couple" "chole its gonna be 10x worst for you to" "why? you do make a cute couple" i looked at her and i stood up and jumped off elizabeth i flew down hopeing no one could see me i was ready to scream then kasha swooped down she said "you ok?" "yeah" "oh whats wrong?" "what chole and cassie said about me and tristain" "oh what she say?" "that we make a cute couple" "well you do and tristain is a nice boy hes nice to every one even me and i have a different skin color and usally people are mean to me but you guys took me in and im glad thanks alice" "your welcome and i know we make a cute couple but i jjust dont like people saying that i dont know why thought" "its ok i think we should take a break now though" "ok come on i dont want you hanging this low any one could see you" "ok" i went up and told elizabeth "nearest hotel" "ok" me and kasha went up like way up in the clouds it was so cool kasha said "i wounder if we could feel clouds?" "i doubt it'" "yeah me to" "why dont you try" "ok" she went up to one of the clouds and touched it it like disovled it was werid kasha said "opps" "what?" "look down" i looked down there was a trail of water falling i guess it was the cloud it hit tristain directly in the head he said "what the" i swooped down and said "clouds are made of water kasha tryed to touch one ad thats what fell on you" i went back up kasha was laughing i said "ok it wasnt that funny" "i know but its like who would have thought that clouds are made of water?" "not me" "me either" "ok come on there going to the hotel" "ok we swooped down and landed on the roof i told kasha "lets go down" "ok" we flew off the roof and landed on the ground i said "who wants to come?" chole said "me!" "ok come on" "pick up any thing from her?" "yep shes not a threat and sorry about what i said earlier" "its ok come on" we went in and came out with a room key and a card for pizza hut i said "ok guys come on" we walked up the stairs i handed misty the room key i said "ill be back" "ok" i walked to the end of the stairs and tristain said "what ya doing?" "i dont know i just my brains scrambled" "oh" "yeah i cant think staright since what kasha said" "what she say?" "ugh i got mad at chole and cassie becuse they said we make a cute couple and i dont like people saying that i dont know why but i told kasha and she said you guys do make a good couple and tristains a good boy he aceppted me for who i was and you did to becuse of her skin color and stuff and i just cant think straight" i sat at the bottom of the steps tristain sat by me he said "its ok we can get them while there asleep" i laughed "yeah but i still never mind" i walked up the stairs and tristain grabbed my shoulder and said "dont worry about it alice its ok" i kissed him i dont know why but he kissed me back i let go of him and said "ill be back in about 3 or 4 days or hours ill text you tell the others i said bye and ill be back" "wait where are you going?" "to finsh something" "what?" "drew,avril,and nick who ever he is" "ok text me if you need help or when your on your way back" "ok" i hugged him and said "just in case good bye i dont know if ill come back and i love you" "i love you to bye" i had tears in my eyes as i flew off i was leaveing every thing behind tristain,chole,my mom,my brother i just had to finsh what i was alive for then ill be able to relax and ill be able to rest with out keeping one eye open i made it to the school i had my gun on me and i had extra buletts to when my phone rung it was chole it was text i opened my phone it said "i love you alice you were like a mom to me and if you dont come back ill miss you" and i imagened her in tears right now i texted back "ill be back dont worry it might be tomorrow i cant promise any thing about today" i shut my phone and shoved it into the pocket of my jeans soon as i stepped into the grass of the school taylor poped out and said "long time no see" "yeah long time no punch" and i jumped at her i kicked her in her head and she fell to the ground the next to come out was avril i said "oh hi love the hair" "yeah love yours to to bad ya have to die" i lunged at her and i put my shoe to her thorat to choke her then a voice poped into my head "alice thats not you" i let go and looked at avril she was incouncious and lying on the ground i just ran and took off i didnt want to know i killed someone i would never do that i flew back to the hotel they were staying at when i got there it was at least 2:00 in the moring i texted tristain i said "im back im at the bottom of the stairs" and sent it i sat at the bottom of the stairs and i started crying i didnt know if i killed avril or not and i didnt want to i just i dont know my brains scrambled i was sitting there and i heard foot steps tristain came and a flood of relife filled me and behind him was chole i looked at her and she raced toward me and hugged me so hard i said "i cant breathe" "opps sorry" i laughed she said "whats wrong?" "i think i killed avril" "huh i thought she was already dead" "i know me to either that or they made a copy of her i dont know" "maybe oh well the avril copy wont hurt us now" "yeah" i looked at tristain i told chole "why dont you go to bed ill be there in a min ok?" "ok" she ran up the stairs i told tristain "sorry i left" "its ok you needed to" "i know" i hugged him and he said "its ok" "thanks" i walked back to the room and i was attacked by zara and kasha at the same time kasha hugged me and said "dont ever leave me again" "yeah me to" zara said "ok ok i wont" then cassie came and i was waiting for her to say something like im glad your back or something but she jumped up and hugged me she said "im soo glad your back" she was near tears god i didnt think any one would miss me this much then cassie said "yeah people are gonna miss you some of us thought you would never come back" "oh its ok im sorry i left" then joe came out and hugged me he said "glad ya back" i went to see my mom and she hugged me she said "glad your back" and misty was sound asleep i walked outside and i just stared at the sky tristain came out and said "whats wrong?" "oh nothing" "ok" he stood on the side of me and we watched the moonlite i put my head on his shoulder we kissed and i heard chole come to the door she whispered "omg a kiss in the moonlite" we finshed kissing and chole came outside she looked up and the moonlite was shineing on her head it looked cute like her hair was shiney which trust me its not haha nither is mine but still and me and tristain smiled at each other something clicked this time between me and him i dont know what but it felt good choles voice poped inside my head she said "ok dont get mad at me but im really glad you and tristain like each other" "its ok i know" i went inside and made a spot on the floor tristain slept on one side of me and zara,kasha,nike blazer vintage,chole,and lady slept on the other side tristain reached over and heald my hand when i woke up i was the frist to wake up i got up and went to the little mini fridge they had in the hotel room and i got a coke and a apple and i sat at the table i looked at every one sleeping it was peaceful at least for now then i thought we could go back to tenesse and see if my so say mom isnt useing it anymore then we will have a house it wont be by any one its in the woods we could geta surcirty system or something and we could fight so we'll have a place to stay i took a note pad and wrote on it "guys im gonna be back just gonna check on somthing ,alice" and i opened the door and jumped off the leadge and i flew to tenesse it didnt take that long when i got to where my house was i didnt see any thing it looked abandon i knocked on the door no one answered so i opened the door and looked in i flipped on the lights and looked around nothing every thing was the same as it was so i locked the door took the key and i took off to the hotel.